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Companies have much to gain from joining the teams creating events for the federal market. Winning speaking positions for clients and company SMEs adds luster to both. Helping shape the content can help build the base for your ideas and approaches and establish your voice in leading thinking in key areas. Here, The Agile Mind, acting as as key adviser to the conference chairman, assisted in shaping the conference program, provided recommendations for keynote speakers, e.g. Ben Fitzgerald and James "Hondo" Geurts. The Agile Mind's Anne Laurent led two session teams--"Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain are Transforming Acquisition," "How Other Transaction Authority Got Hot!"--and co-led a third, providing speaker recommendations, selecting panelists, supporting administrative team.  Laurent wrote panel descriptions, talking points for media interviews, social media posts, and an earned media column.

Events as Campaign Elements: Thought Leaders Celebratory Reception

April 19, 2010

CGI Federal's Initiative for Collaborative Government named as fellows seven company leaders and subject matters experts. We introduced them at an evening reception at the Sidney Harman Center for the Arts in downtown Washington, D.C., attended by government clients, friends of the fellows, industry association leaders and prospective CGI clients. We published articles by the fellows, posted hot-topic video interviews with and blog posts by them on the Initiative website and connected them with reporters for earned media coverage. The fellows presented at Initiative events, wrote for the Initiative's Leadership magazine and spoke at federal sector events. They conveyed CGI's thought leadership through the Initiative, a separate organization funded by CGI, but which funded work by independent academic scholars, produced its own events and maintained a separate web and community presence from CGI.

Intimate executive events offer a chance to bring together leaders from client and prospective client organizations for direct conversation and discussion about challenges they all face. They often are grateful for the opportunity to interact with peers. The events produce valuable takeaways, which you can publish, draw from for blog and social media posts and columns, and provide to reporters for earned media coverage. This blog post begins the round of publications from an executive breakfast discussion of the Obama administration's then-new transparency initiatives.

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