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  • Collaboratively envisioning, planning, managing and delivering complex thought leadership campaigns comprising publishing, social and earned media, webinars, blogging, and events

  • Writing e-newsletters, website copy, blog and social media posts, news features, columns, shorts, fact sheets, talking points, promotional copy, op-eds, headlines, decks and captions

  •  Editing, enlivening and clarifying analytical, journalistic, promotional and explanatory prose

  • Serving as editor, director of policy analysis, thought leader, communications and research manager

  • Coaching for lively, intellectually provocative, and actionable presentations delivered live, on video, audio and by webinar

  • Identifying and analyzing emerging trends at the intersection of government and business

  • Inspiring, teaching and directing analysts, marketers, writers, communicators, editors, designers, artists and sales professionals

  • Publishing, mentorship, leadership


  • Procurement and acquisition innovation

  • Information technology

  • Program performance

  • Entrepreneurial government

  • Data exchange, analytics, transparency,

  • Government's impact on business and vice versa,

  • Federal agency management

  • Future competitive assessment