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Campaign including bylined columns, events, print and Web media interviews results in earned media appearance by ASI Government CEO Tim Cooke on ABC local affiliate's "Government Matters." 

A webinar series can build your reputation as a knowledgeable source of insight and guidance on a topic important to your market. Presenting guests from organizations in your market helps amplify their voices and contributions and build your relationships with them. A webinar series I led for for the CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government demonstrates all these qualities. In the webinar shown here I sought to build my reputation as an analyst on the gamification of training in government, especially by the military services. I gave my source, Roger Smith, then chief technology officer of the Army's simulation and training program, an opportunity to inform and potentially reach gaming business partners, while also proving my own knowledge in the area. For ASI Government I created and moderated a series of webinars featuring four of the U.S. government's leaders in implementing category management and three of the key players in originating the U.K.'s program 10 years earlier. The intent was to share best practices from Great Britain with the fledgling U.S. initiative, educate thousands of U.S. contracting personnel about the new program, and establish and grow ASI's new category management capability.

This earned media appearance helped build the reputation of the Consortium for Advanced Management International, build my reputation as a thought leader in federal market on the Consortium's behalf, and underline important issues about acquisition for government and industry players in the federal market.

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