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From Data to Decision III: Lessons from Early Analytics Programs

November 12, 2013

"The cases we studied vary by the volume and types of data they collect and the ways they analyze it. Some agencies operate data warehouses and use predictive analytics. Some analyze images of bacterial DNA for epidemiological investigations; others identify insects during import inspections. One relies on human brainpower and experience to synthesize information collected by satellites and processed by physical scientists, statistics produced by African governments and data gathered by social scientists visiting rural markets."

The CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government's quarterly magazine, Leadership, provided a medium for magnifying the management practices of federal leaders and Initiative fellows, who were subject Matter experts within CGI Federal. The magazine provided opportunities for CGI to showcase clients and prospective clients, while also amplifying best practices and new approaches. Its publication also created news in the federal media, as did each new edition.

Entrepreneurial Government: Bureaucrats as Businesspeople

May 17, 2000

"The federal government has become a business incubator, nurturing a dazzling variety of small businesses within its own agencies. Entrepreneurial organizations have flourished since the Clinton administration came to power in the early 1990s with its goal of remaking government in the image of business. “Intrapreneurs” — employees creating businesses within their agencies — found myriad ways to answer the call for businesslike government. The resulting “government businesses” have taken varying shapes depending on their parent departments and the laws and regulations covering them, among other factors."

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